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Our Process

After 15 years as San Diego’s patio, deck and outdoor kitchen installation company, Block Island has gotten permitting and installation procedures nailed down.
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Curious as to how things will go during your new install? These steps clarify the process:

Step 1

Contact & Initial Meeting:

Once you contact us, we schedule an appointment to come to your home. There, we get an idea of your decorating style, home, neighborhood, the space you’re looking to improve and any challenges that may arise. We record measurements and other details. As you look through the photos of our recent work, we get an idea of your tastes and desires. We can also discuss financing at this initial meeting. Block Island is one of the very few San Diego companies that offers financing! Rest assured, too, that we collect no money until the client is 100% satisfied.

Step 2

Block Island Creates a 3-D Model:

Back at our office, we put your vision onto paper and monitor with our 3-D modeling program, a benefit most other companies sidestep. We then schedule a second appointment with you at your home.

Step 3

Second Meeting:

At our second meeting, we bring sample materials, colors and more photo books to show you what each looks like in finished form. If need be, we gather more information from you and add it into our drawing. We determine a week or day to start work. At this point, you may want to check out our quick tips: 5 Steps to Preparing for a Deck Installation, 5 Steps to Preparing for an Outdoor Kitchen Installation, 5 Steps to Preparing for a Patio Installation, & 5 Steps to Preparing for a Fire Pit installation.

Step 4

Permitting and Homeowners Association Approval:

City building codes and homeowners’ associations stopped scaring us long ago. We know just what forms, deadlines and more they need and supply everything quickly. We submit blueprints, the site plan and the scope of work to save the homeowner from the hassle. Depending on the size of the project and where it is in the county, the permitting process can take anywhere from one day to one month. If any glitches arise, we’re on the phone talking it through with county employees or the homeowners’ board.

Step 5

Work Begins:

The assigned supervisor and work crew arrives on our agreed upon date. Before we break ground, however, Block Island owner Rick DiLella, the work supervisor and the homeowner review all plans and processes together. Block Island provides online project management system capabilities to every customer. This centralized system avoids the confusion of text messages, emails and phone calls coming from multiple family members to multiple Block Island staff. The online project management tool keeps designs, plans and schedules found and accessible from your home, office and even on the road. Anyone who sends an email once in awhile can log into and use our simple system.

Step 6


Once work is completed, the homeowner inspects every aspect of the deck with the work supervisor on a “walk-through.” Block Island does not collect any payment until the homeowner signs off on all work.

No payment until you’re 100% satisfied!

Every supervisor and crew sticks to our fail-proof & tested steps for:

  • Filing Permits
  • Arranging Homeowners’ Association Approval
  • Sceduling
  • Financing
  • Preparing the Space
  • Keeping Homeowners Up-to-Date
  • Building & Cleanup

We’ve worked around & with all kinds of construction, landscaping, city & even neighbor challenges to create some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in San Diego. Have an addition that gives your house an unusual outline? We’ve seen it. Yard hopelessly uneven and hard? We’ve dug through it. We get jobs done with as little hassle to the homeowner as possible.